Episode 28

COVID-19: Distinguishing Fact From Fiction


April 3rd, 2020

42 mins 11 secs

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About this Episode

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the world has experienced fear and confusion due to copious amounts of information surrounding transmission, symptoms, etc. making it frustrating to distinguish fact from fiction. In this episode, Laurence Katsaras provides clarity with easy to understand evidence, supported by clinical research to inform you on the latest developments of COVID-19. Laurence will also talk you through natural ingredients, lifestyle interventions and diet tips to support the immune system.

  • 1:20 - How is COVID-19 different to other viral infections?
  • 4:03 - How many people are experiencing symptoms, and to what degree of severity?
  • 5:45 - How transmission of COVID-19 works.
  • 8:19 - Common symptoms of COVID-19, and how these differentiate from the common flu.
  • 9:21 - Who is most at risk of having severe symptoms and complications?
  • 12:28 - What does this mean for pregnant women, asthmatics and smokers? Are they at greater risk?
  • 15:08 - If you are exposed to COVID-19, how long does it take to show symptoms? How long do they last for, and how long are you contagious for?
  • 17:20 - I’m worried that I have COVID-19, how do I get tested?
  • 18:04 - What testing for COVID-19 involves and how long it takes to receive results.
  • 15:45 - If I suspect I have symptoms but don’t qualify to get tested, what can I do?
  • 19:55 - How you can keep yourself safe from COVID-19.
  • 24:01 - Natural ingredients that support the immune system.
  • 26:10 - Find out how minimising stress and building emotional resilience improves mental health, reduces inflammation and strengthens the immune system.
  • 36:15 - Diet tips for regulating mood and supporting resilience.
  • 38:01 - Feeling overwhelmed? Research shows practicing gratitude improves mood and reduces stress.