Episode 27

Being a Dad Starts Before Birth. The Surprising Role Of Preconception Health For Fathers To Be.


December 12th, 2019

51 mins 5 secs

Season 8

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About this Episode

In this episode, Laurence is joined by Naturopath, Researcher and host of the Metagenics Clinical Podcast, Nathan Rose to discuss how lifestyle factors, diet, stress and body composition can create genetic programming that’s carried through from the father to their child, impacting the health of the child for its entire life. Learn about how some simple lifestyle interventions, planning and nutritional support on the father’s part, can make a big impact on their child’s life and even future generations.

  • It’s not all about the health of the mother when trying to conceive, men need to be in optimal health as well.
  • The research around the father’s role, and how being a dad starts prior to conception.
  • How a man’s nutritional status has an impact on the child’s metabolic health, neuro response, and immune programming. You are inheriting the memory of your father’s lifestyle patterns.
  • You are what you eat? Well it turns out, you are what you eat, what your dad ate, and what your granddad ate. BUT we still have an opportunity to change this epigenetic expression.
  • Nathan discusses the research and history behind how the father’s nutritional status can impact the child’s health.
  • Nathan and Laurence discuss the factors that can impact the epigenome, for example; how being overweight can have an impact.
  • Nathan shares a study that dived into the drinking habits of the father, and how this impacted the child’s behaviour and even the child’s heart health.
  • The nutritional status of the father – what vitamins and minerals can be beneficial for the father?
  • Preconception care - creating a healthy environment and reducing your stress, can enhance the health of your sperm and assist with conception.
  • What if you’ve already conceived, or you already have children? You can still improve your child’s health outcomes!
  • How men can also experience post-natal depression or a lower mood after the baby is born. Why is this?
  • By looking after yourself, you’re looking after the future generations of your family line!