Episode 17

Diet and Lose Weight Successfully and Keep It Off


October 23rd, 2018

1 hr 25 mins 24 secs

Season 5

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About this Episode

Laurence is joined by, Naturopath, Researcher and host of the Metagenics Clinical Podcast, Nathan Rose to discuss all things weight loss.

What most people don’t understand when trying to lose weight, is that our bodies have a weight set point that they feel comfortable at. Through poor diet, this weight set point is shifting upwards causing us to become overweight. When we lose weight, if we do it incorrectly, our bodies can resist this by defending the weight set point and will want to put the weight back on. Laurence and Nathan discuss what this weight set point means, why we have a weight set point and why it’s linked to most diets failing. The goal for long term weight loss is to focus on dropping your weight set point through ‘four diet heroes’. As Laurence and Nathan discuss, these diet heroes allow your body to adjust and set a new weight set point.

As part of these four diet heroes, Laurence and Nathan discuss the popular Keto diet. How does the Keto diet work and why is it successful? While there are many benefits to a Keto diet, new research has proven that a low fat diet can be just as effective as cutting the carbohydrates.
This is an extremely informative episode for anyone looking to begin a weight loss journey and for those who have been struggling to lose weight or keep the weight off. This information is designed to educate and inform – it’s important that you work alongside a Healthcare Practitioner who can help support your weight loss journey and reach your health goals.