Episode 16

Decreasing Testosterone and What to Do About It


October 12th, 2018

37 mins 39 secs

Season 4

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Special Guest

About this Episode

Following on from episode 15, Laurence Katsaras and Naturopath, Nick Breen, are back to discuss different lifestyle factors that could be impacting your testosterone levels.
Testosterone production naturally decreases with age, however, there are factors that can speed up this process, such as inflammation within the body, nutrient deficiencies, sleep deprivation and poor diet. Testosterone reduction in the body can cause a number of adverse symptoms.

Laurence and Nick run through key nutrients and supplements that will assist in supporting healthy testosterone levels, as well as vital exercises to manage stress and improve your insulin sensitivity. The guys also talk about how exposure to toxins in our environment that we may not be aware of, could be impacting our health and mimicking oestrogen activity.

This information is designed to educate and inform – if you suspect that your testosterone levels are low, it’s important that you work alongside a Healthcare Practitioner who can help support your hormonal health.

To find a Healthcare Practitioner visit - https://www.metagenics.com.au/YourHealthGuide