Episode 15

Male Hormones And Understanding How Testosterone Affects Men


October 2nd, 2018

17 mins 4 secs

Season 4

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About this Episode

Laurence is joined by Naturopath, Nick Breen, to talk about male hormones and the important role that testosterone plays in the male body. Testosterone is often thought of as the male sex hormone, but it has so many other functions, and is crucial for overall good health in the male body. Research shows that testosterone levels have been declining for decades, meaning that, men these days aren’t producing the same amount of testosterone as men were 30 years ago.

It’s important to understand how testosterone levels in the body impact can affect your health, and why maintaining healthy testosterone levels is essential.

Laurence and Nick discuss how and where in the body testosterone is made and regulated, how your body uses it, and the areas of health that testosterone impacts. If testosterone levels become imbalanced, adverse symptoms can occur. Learn about the signs and symptoms that can help identify low testosterone, how testosterone levels drop with age, and discuss the concept of ‘andropause’, which is the drop of testosterone in the ageing male.

This information is designed to educate and inform, if you suspect that your testosterone levels are low, it’s important that you work alongside a Healthcare Practitioner who can help support your testosterone alongside your general health.

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