Episode 23

Holistic Approach to Managing Your Mental Health - Part 2


March 15th, 2019

28 mins 59 secs

Season 7

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About this Episode

Dr Adrian Lopresti is a well-respected Clinical Psychologist and Researcher, who achieves success with his patients by taking a holistic approach to get to the bottom of why they may be experiencing mood changes. Dr Lopresti is the founder of Personalised Integrative (PI) Therapy, which is a program for mental Healthcare Practitioners, such as Psychologists and Psychiatrists, and trains them on this integrated approach, helping them achieve greater clinical success in mood and psychiatric conditions.

In this episode, Dr Adrian Lopresti talks about five physiological drivers that influence our brain health, providing us with a great overview of how our health impacts our mood and why we need to address disorders holistically.

Dr Adrian Lopresti shares his research on curcumin (an extract of turmeric) and saffron, which has shown improvements in patients with depression and anxiety. He also discusses other foundational nutritional ingredients that are beneficial to assist mood disorders.

At the same time we are reminded – we can’t use a pill for an ill approach and expect that dosing with medications or even natural supplements will fix the problem. Real improvement comes from addressing what caused the problem.